30mm Road Wheels

VeloElite 30mm Carbon Climbing wheels

Super stiff,  light and hand built, our 30mm Carbon Road wheels are a fantastic climbers wheelset.

38mm Road Wheels

VeloElite 38mm disc

Super stiff,  light and hand built, our 38mm Carbon Road wheels are a fantastic all rounder wheelset.

50mm Road Wheels

VeloElite 50mm wide carbob wheels

Fast, light, wide and hand built, our 50mm Carbon Road wheels make for a serious race wheelset.

60mm Road Wheels

VeloElite 60mm Carbon Wheelset

Super stiff, fast and hand built, our 60mm Carbon Road wheels make for a serious race wheelset!

TT/Tri Wheels

VeloElite Triathlon wheelset

Aero race wheels for those looking at saving valuable seconds. We offer an 88mm TT front wheel or a Carbon Tri wheelset, with 60mm/88mm setup.

Gravel/Cross Wheels

VeloElite Carbon Cross Wheels

Gravel and Cyclocross wheels with super wide reinforced rims covering all your needs from 33mm tyres for Cyclocross to 50mm Gravel tyres!

MTB Wheels

VeloElite MTB Wheels

Introducing our all new range of fantastic hand built MTB Wheels! Fast, light, responsive, they look great and ride like nothing else!

Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheelsets - VeloElite Wheels

Budgets will not always stretch to a fancy pair of carbon wheels. At VeloElite our aluminium wheels are handbuilt to the same high standard!

Carbon Bike Wheels by VeloElite Wheels

Carbon bike wheels are arguably the most beneficial upgrade on anyone’s bike. They offer huge performance benefits over a basic pair of wheels. They are also a great way of customising your bike and making it stand out from the crowd. VeloElite wheels have created a range of wheels that offer you the choice of rim graphic colour. Our range of carbon wheels are all based around the DT Swiss range of hubs. We have left no stone unturned in creating these fantastic wheelsets with a unrivalled balance of specification. stiffness, quality, price and weight!

Our subtley designed rim graphics ensure the stealth look and ensure our wheels match pretty much any bike. If you are part of a large team, company or other organisation and would like your wheels to feature your own logo or message please feel free to contact us. Small charges and minimum order will apply, but we will do our very best to build you the wheels you want, featuring the graphics of your choice.

We have created a range of wheel sets to suit most applications and budgets. If you still do not see quite what you are after please do contact us! Our master wheel builder will be delighted to create wheels to your specification where possible. We can even build with your existing hubs in most cases.

VeloElite Stealth Wheels
VeloElite Wheels

Handbuilt Wheels in the UK

All of our wheels are hand built in the UK by our master wheel builder Tom Scott-Collins. Wheel building is not just about lacing a wheel together. The process starts with selecting the right components for the wheel. We have spent countless hours selecting the best components  and specifications to put together a complete range of products to give the best performance wheels possible at a competative price.

We are proud of all our wheels and don’t believe in simply rebranding cheap hubs. We believe in working closely with genuine industry leading brands to create a well rounded wheel with performance and longevity the priority.

Our ranges are very competatively priced, but we are not the cheapest carbon bike wheels around, nor would we ever want to be. Our prices stand up extremely well when you compare their quality like for like with other brands. We only build with Sapim and DT Swiss spokes and use hubs from DT Swiss & Aivee for our main ranges. We also build custom builds using Industry 9 and Chris King hubs.

What makes our carbon wheels better?

Braking: Our rims use a 3k twill braking track. It takes extensive research and testing to source rims which can with stand all you can throw at them. Our super strong and durable rims have been tested under braking up to 255degrees c. We include a complete set of carbon brake pads with all our carbon bike wheels.

Tubeless ready: All our rims are tubeless ready. Fast becoming the racers choice due to puncture protection and low rolling resistance.

Double ended nipples: This ensures wheel truing can be carried out without the removal of tubular and tubeless tyres. We achieve this with the use of fantastic quality Sapim double ended nipples.

Nipple washers: During the wheel building process we install nipple washers.This allows for optimum spoke tension ensuring a super stiff wheel, and reduces friction increasing strength at the rim-nipple interface. You can’t skip these in an attempt to save weight

Quick release skewers: They don’t just stop your wheels from falling out! The skewer provides crucial stiffness to the wheels with the hub/frame interface being all important to this. A lot of wheel brands will look to shave grams off their advertised wheel weight by using super light titanium skewers. Back to back testing has shown considerably improved stiffness and less wheel rock along with less/no brake rub. We include our own brand of premium quick release skewers with all our wheel sets.

We really have thought of everything!

VeloElite Wheels DTSwiss

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