Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked, along with the answers. Hopefully you will find what you need, but should you need any further enquiries, please do contact us.

How quickly will my wheels arrive?

It can vary, all our wheels are hand built in the UK using a range of premium components. Each set can take up to 6 weeks and can vary depending on component availability, seasonal change etc. That said, we do often hold some limited stock, please refer to the delivery information given on each individual product.

What are your wheels weights?

The weight of each wheelset varies depending on the specification. We do provide an approximate weight on each product on the site. Please note, whilst all out weights are competative, we never compromise the quality of our wheelsets simply to save a few grams!

Are your wheels compatable with tubeless tyres?

Yes, all our wheels are tubeless ready!

Can I have my wheels with my own graphics?

Yes, you can have wheels with your own design and specification, please see our Custom Build page for more information.

What are the recommended tyre pressures?

It will depend on your choice of tyre setup, but as a guide: 80-125psi

What are the maximum rider weights?

Our wheels are all hand built to the riders weight and requirements, we do have a 120kg rider weight limit on the carbon rims. Having said this if you think this is a problem contact us and we will talk through some options.

What does the graphic on your wheels say?

The logo on our wheels is a rather clever ambigram of our name “VeloElite”, for those that don’t know an ambigram is a word that can be read from more than one direction.

What is your delivery policy?

We offer Free standard delivery on all our wheelsets throughout the UK. If you require delivery outside of the UK, please contact us before purchasing.