First Review - VeloElite Wide 38mm

First Review – VeloElite Wide 38mm

Our all new Wide range is now ready to go, but just to be sure we sent a set off for expert view. Needless to say, we are delighted with the results!

The Build quality is exceptional at a price point better than others…..

Overall Ratings

Rate Value Build Quality 9/10 A really solid build throughout

Rate Value Customer service 10/10 Top quality customer service all questions answered very promptly and professionally

Rate Value Visual 9/10 Visually these are a very attractive set of wheels and have attracted a lot of attention at events I Have attended

Rate Value Stiffness 9/10 Very stiff and respond well to hard efforts in and out of the saddle
Rate Value Handling 9/10 They handle very well in all types of conditions in wind and rain they wont let you down

How did the wheels perform overall 9.5/10