Joe Blackmore season round up

Joe Blackmore season round up

My first-time riding VeloElite Wheels halfway through the season was a great experience. Not only looking great from the moment I pulled them out the box, they were also really quick. First ride was course practice at MTB National Champs on a slippery and technical track but the confidence riding new wheels carried through to Sunday finishing 2nd.

National Champs was followed by arguably one of my biggest races to date, the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Once again, the wheels amazed me, especially on such a different course compared to the Nationals. The trail Centre feel of berms, drops and rocks meant a different riding style and feel of race. The constant accelerations out of turns were really fatiguing but the lightweight and stiff VeloElite Rims kept me going just that bit longer eventually finishing 5th.

A few weeks training at home and I was off the Europe again for the World Championships and the last remaining World Cup of the year. The tracks really physical and rough abroad ridden in by a lot of people. The durability and weight of bikes/components is important for Cross Country and the slightly wider 29mm internal rim width was perfect for these courses letting me drop pressures for grip and comfort knowing that VeloElite wheels are certainly strong enough. I felt great on both race days finishing 17th in the World Champs and 12th a week later in Val di Sole World Cup.

Following the End of season, I had a few weeks break from training, gradually building back up now and to get back riding the wheels was a real pleasure certainly feeling quick and responsive even if I have lost some fitness!

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