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VeloElite Carbon MTB Mountain Bike Wheelsets

Mountain biking is an extremely demanding sport. The demands of which are vary drastically from road and gravel. The biggest difference is that there is a the shire numbr of speed changes. Our wheels are superlight and the rim weight is all important to low speed acceleration. Due to the terrain experienced in mountain biking there is a lot of acceleration on steep climbs and out of tight corners. Stiffness is also very important as riders stend to spend a lot of time out of the saddle.

Our cross country rims are wider than traditional MTB rims giving increased strength and also a more stable platform for the tires at the low pressures needed. Our wheels are optimised for tubeless setup for this reason we use a hookless rim,

As with our popular road rims we use the legendary DT Swiss hubs which are available in all your modern “boost” axle sizes!