VeloElite Carbon TT/Tri Wheels

VeloElite Carbon Tri Wheelsets

Designed to provide awesome speed and quality, blended with a stylish and custom look the VeloElite Carbon Tri Wheelsets are setting new standards. Our wheelsets feature a deep section 88mm rear wheel coupled with a 60mm front wheel to provide an optimal blend of aero dynamics and ease of handling.

We offer the world renowned DTSwiss hubs on all our wheels, with the entry model featuring the DTSwiss 350, the mid level the 240 and the top level wheelset running on the 180s. All our wheelsets are extremely competatively prices and are extremly light for this type of wheel.

VeloElite Carbon TT front wheel 88mm

Designed to work perfectly with a rear disc wheels, our 88mm deep section carbon front wheel offers extemely low aero dynamic drag. As with our Triathlon wheels, we offer models with the DTSwiss 350, 240 and 180 hubs to suit a range of budgets.