Rider Review - VeloElite Carbon 240-60mm Wheels

Rider Review – VeloElite Carbon 240-60mm Wheels

How do they compare – I have ridden 3 top end brands which come with a higher price point before riding these VeloElite carbon wheels.  I able to say these are by far the truest and fastest wheels I have ever ridden, proven by some strava segment times over 5-10 mile distances. The combo of the DT Swiss hubs and the tubeless tyres provided they make for a super fast low rolling resistance set of wheels.

Braking surface – superb! After taking them on a number of different foul weather rides and having been on alloy training wheels all winter the difference between hitting the brakes and the bite point was virtually unnoticeable. They brake in a very true and straight manner making for an increase in confidence when cornering and descending in the wet.

Sprinting – during sprint sessions or short maximal efforts these wheels are super stiff, feel very stable and secure under power. Whilst also being able to carry the speed in a straight line without any wasted energy! Very important when sprinting isn’t your strength, haha!

Visually – they are an outstanding, crisp, clean looking deep section wheel. Which go well with both tan and black walled tyres depending on personal preference. The graphics make the wheel looks smart and discrete which I like. However after speaking with Tom it’s great to hear that the world is your oyster when it comes to design and the options for the graphics. Moving forward we are looking to build some wheels for ActiveEdge RT, highlighting the team name on the rim, these will be our wheels of choice.

Overall these wheels are confidence inspiring stuff, fast, light and above all great value for money. I would highly recommend these wheels and also highly recommend Tom as a wheel builder and mechanic.

Sam Woodfield – Elite Rider and Active Edge Team boss

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